Knee Joint

Mrs. Mumtaz, please tell us something about the limbs too,” request Sarah.
                 “Quite surprisingly, almost half of our bones are in our hand, wrist, feet and ankles. The biggest and most powerful bone is the thighbone, also called femur. The femur fits into a hollow in the hip girdle with a ball and socket joint and is connected to the lower leg with the knee joint.

                 Similarly, the arm are joined to the spines by the collar bone and the shoulder girdle,” saying this, Mrs.Mumtaz took a dummy skeleton from her cupboard and demonstrated the movement of the hand and the legs to the student.

Ball and Socket joint

                    Mrs. Mumtaz, you mentioned the ball and socket joint, what is that?”
“First let me see if any one clearly tell me what a joint is,” Mrs. Mumtaz said. At this time, Sarah raised her hand and said, “A joint is a place where two bones meet.”

“ Excellent, Sarah. A is a place where two or bones meet. Now you must be wondering how they all are connected together with the help of the ligament. There are several joints in the body.  

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