What is Trachea and lung?

Since i was art of the air, i went down the windpipe through nose. You know what? There were certain cell in the trachea, which produced a sticky liquid called the mucus. Good for hairs, the nasty dist and dirt particle, which entered the trachea with me, were trapped in it. Actually  the mucus is produced to trap the dust particles through the hair present in the nostils.

        As i was going down the windpipe, I noticed a voice box at the top of the windpipe. Across this box were stretched vocal cards. Sound is produced when air passes over these vocal cards.

        As i went further down the windpipe, it divide into the two branches. I had come to the crossroad. One windpipe went to the lefy lung, the other to the right. O quickly decided to entered one on the right in no times. Iwas inside the lung. There i saw small tube. I entered one of many tubes. I looked around and realized that the lung is large, pink and spongy.

        At the end of these small tubes, I saw tiny air sacs these air sacs have thin, moist walls through which gases can pass. Narrow capillaries surround them. I then diffused into the blood through the wall of these air sacs. Carbon dioxide diffused out of the blood capillaries yhrou the same walls of the air sacs.

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